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Article: How to Win Back the Confidence of Travelers? (Part I/III)

How to Win Back the Confidence of Travelers? (Part I/III)-Luzia

How to Win Back the Confidence of Travelers? (Part I/III)

Hygiene Tips for Airbnb Hosts and Vacation Rental Owners

Airbnb rental and private rental home reservations were booming just a few short months ago. It didn’t seem like anything could stop the popularity that was the Airbnb model of vacationing. And then coronavirus hit and the world — and the Airbnb market --- got flipped on its head. For many months, the prospect of staying at someone else’s home seemed unfathomable. Traveling seemed like a fantasy with just going to the grocery being a major undertaking.

But thanks to better testing, tracking and understanding of COVID-19, our world is gradually beginning to open back up. As we all adjust to this new normal, it will take proactive measures by Airbnb and rental hosts to shape the narrative for guests, to reassure them and make them feel that travel is indeed safe and ready for them to enjoy once again.

Gain Back Visitors with Clean Atmospheres

Little by little we’re seeing people beginning to venture out of their homes, first with outdoor dining, then with road trips, and now we’re actually seeing summer vacations beginning to happen. Travelers are starting to book trips for the summer, fall, and beyond. Airbnbs and private rentals still need to win back consumer confidence, however.

The most successful hosts will attract more clients by, instead of trying to push past the pandemic, instead, reassuring prospective visitors of the cleaning and hygiene measures the host is taking to ensure their safe stay. While restaurants are having to limit the number of diners and paint separation lines on their floors, it won’t take much for Airbnb and vacation rental hosts to take essential steps to create a clean, safe stay environment. Here’s just a few ways to keep your guests safe:

  • Make sure to follow Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol initiative. The guidelines were developed in consultation with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and experts including former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.
  • Let guests know you’re spacing out reservations to allow for cleaning time between guests.
  • Make sure to use cleaning products that sanitize surfaces, which usually contain over 70% alcohol.
  • Make sure to line all trash cans and disinfect hampers and places where clothes may be stored.
  • Invest in high quality linens, such as Luzia’s eco-friendly bath towels, hand towels and washcloths, made of 100% premium cotton.
  • Keep your rental well-stocked with plenty of hand soap and sanitizer for guests.

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