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Why Turkish Cotton?

Turkish cotton is a premium long-fiber cotton grown exclusively in Turkey. The long fibers of Turkish cotton yield stronger and smoother threads than regular cotton. It is also famous with its nice natural sheen. Using breathable Turkish cotton is one the secrets behind beautiful Luzia towels.

Luzia brings the tradition of premium Turkish cotton production to each of its towels. The brand was created by a family who has been in the cotton business since 1940, so for Luzia, Turkish cotton truly is a family tradition.

Turkish cotton towels are known for providing a perfect combination of both softness and absorbency – particularly those with high GSM's like Luzia. Long staple cotton also made these classic Turkish towels very durable and long lasting.

They are uniquely woven with long fibers which make them to create softer and more absorbent materials. The cotton is brushed to remove shorter threads and extra material leaving only the longest, strongest and highest quality cotton fibers for weaving the final products.

The superior absorbency of Turkish cotton means that when you dry yourself, water is wicked away quickly, substantially reducing drying time and the need to rub your skin, which can sometimes cause irritation and drying. Turkish cotton promises to pamper your skin with softness. You’ll see and feel the difference.

Did you know that, unlike regular cotton towels that get thinner or rougher with continuous use, Turkish cotton actually becomes softer and more absorbent? It’s an artisan textile that’s built to last. With Luzia towels you can experience the sought-after beauty and function of Turkish cotton everyday at home.

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