Consider Your Skin When Selecting a Gym Towel

We usually spend a lot of time caring for our skin. We moisturize, sunblock, exfoliate, and in general pamper our skin so it stays looking its best. But we often overlook the towels we use and that can be to our disadvantage. Microfiber or other artificial non-cotton materials can be harsh on the skin and lead to irritation. Keep in mind that microfiber, a man made textile, consists entirely of polyester and nylon, both originating from petroleum. Luzia uses only the most premium 100% Turkish cotton for its workout towels. That means you’ll get a soothing touch when you’re hard at work exercising. 

When you need a quick water break, there’s no better feeling than turning to the softness of 100% Turkish cotton to wipe down your face, cool down and rejuvenate to push on through your fitness routine.

Sweating during a workout is a healthy response that helps detox the body. But once that sweat is on your skin, it can mix with dirt and oil and clog your pores. This can lead to breakouts and other no-so-nice skin flare ups. Using a sports gym towel that’s 100% cotton can help eliminate that sweat. During your workout, it’s important to wipe sweat off your skin, particularly sweat on your face. You don’t want to just use any material to do this, that’s why Luzia 100% premium cotton provides a safe way to pamper your skin even during your toughest workouts.

Luzia workout towels are absorbent and soft, yet is durable, quick drying workout towels. That’s thanks to their fiber makeup, with 450 grams per square meter, giving you an ultra-soft feel and absorbency.

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