From Heated Towel Racks to Lighting Plan, Five Airbnb Decoration Hacks You Need to Know About

The interior design of a vacation rental plays a huge role in attracting guests. It is something that convinces them to choose it every time they visit a vacation destination. This is the reason why vacation rental owners desire to create an environment that offers a luxurious experience worth booking. You can decorate your vacation rental to add more value to your services and attract more guests. Here you go with five hottest ideas to decorate a vacation rental on a budget. Let’s check out!

1. Design A Perfect Lighting Plan

The lighting plan of an interior plays a visible role in uplifting the décor of a space. A perfect lighting plan supplies moderate intensity and temperature of lighting in specific areas of a vacation home. Just like, the warm lighting in the bedroom can create a romantic yet soothing feel to offer your guests a peaceful sleep. You must ensure that the sunlight is not shining into a bedroom to create an unpleasant atmosphere for your guests. For this, you can control the inflow of sunlight through proper window treatments. Give due attention to bedrooms, bathrooms, the living room, and the kitchen and focus on the requirements of every space of a vacation home—to design the lighting plan accordingly.

2. Choose an Appealing Color Palette

The colors theory says that the colors we choose to surround us, leave a great impact on our moods. These shades of the spectrum must create a welcoming and aesthetically appealing atmosphere within a vacation home. You can decorate your vacation rental and create a soothing environment by choosing an attractive color palette. Simply take inspiration from nature to design your color palette and it would add a designer touch to your vacation rental—to amaze your guests. 

3. Add Luxury with More Layers!

Layers bring more detail to the interior design of a space and make it more interesting. You can decorate the vacation rental by adding more layers to it. You may increase layers in the form of lighting, area rugs, curtains, and much more. You may see how different layers of lighting add a unique touch to an interior. Similarly, a window treatment with layered curtains, or a layer of area rugs combined together adds class to an interior.

And you can always transform the bathroom of your Airbnb rental into a luxury spa just by adding a set of soft, high quality, plush towels and heated towel bars.

4. Include Some Indoor Plants!

Indoor plants create a feeling of closeness to nature. A dash of lush plants added to your vacation rental can simply boost its décor along with adding freshness to the environment. This is also something your guests are going to love—as it makes an interior more inviting.

5. Focus on the Walls!

When we take a glance at a wall, it engages a huge proportion of our sight. This is the reason why the wall décor is so important. You can paint the walls with soothing colors or add plastic or fabric paneling to them. You can also include wall art, mirrors, accent lights, wall-mounted antique pieces, photo galleries, and a lot more to decorate the walls. It would surely add more flavor to the interior of your vacation rental and your guests are going to fall for it.

Concluding Thoughts

Things that a vacation home must provide are comfort, luxury, and a homey environment. You can implement all these ideas to decorate your vacation rental— offering a dreamy vacation to your guests on each of their visits.

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