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Article: Imagine Getting Your Christmas Shopping Completed in Minutes

Luzia Gift Set Towels and Handmade Soaps

Imagine Getting Your Christmas Shopping Completed in Minutes

We’re always looking for a great gift option that will be a welcome treat for any recipient. That’s why we’re so excited by Luzia’s generous gift sets that give a spa experience in a box for each lucky recipient. Every gift set features a full set of Luzia’s luxurious towels plus a natural handmade soap. It’s the perfect way to inspire someone on your gift list to create their own personal spa day. What better gift to give than a way to indulge a bit and encourage a little self care time?   

What’s Included in This Gift Set?

Luzia’s premium 100% Turkish cotton towels were already a great gift idea, but now, joined with aromatic artisanal soap, the gift sets make a wonderfully thoughtful present. Each gift set includes two washcloths, one hand towel, one bath towel, plus one all-natural handmade bar of soap.

Luzia bath gift sets are the perfect gifts for any occasion, because they include soft, plush, luxurious Luzia towels, an all natural, handcrafted soap bar, all gorgeously presented in a beautifully, understated craft box packing with ribbon, a decorative bead, and stickers. Imagine the look on someone’s face when they open up a delivery box to find this thoughtful gift set inside. It makes the perfect universally-appealing gift for the holiday season.

Perfect for Any Occasion

We all have those people in our lives that are so hard to buy for. Every year it seems we’re left scratching our heads wondering what to get them. They might have everything they need or we just don’t know them well enough to know what specifically they’d like. We want to buy them something that won’t be a disappointment, something they won’t want to re-gift, but find useful throughout the year. And that’s exactly what Luzia’s new gift sets offer! No matter what point you are in life, from just starting life on your own to well established, we all can appreciate the welcomed addition of a super-soft set of plush bath towels. It seems like no matter how well-stocked households are, an extra bath towel can always come in handy. 

Towels are beautiful and practical gifts in general. Everybody loves a set of high quality towels and Luzia delivers with premium Turkish cotton, they’re super-absorbent while being quick to dry. With its special gift packaging and addition of artisan handmade soap, this creates the perfect gift set. Whatever the holiday, the Luzia gift sets will fit right in. Christmas is just around the corner, which means shopping season has already begun! Think of what a lovely hostess gift the Luzia gift set would make for Christmas.

Take the stress out of the holiday shopping season by gifting Luzia’s gift sets to all those on your gift giving list. Imagine getting your Christmas shopping completed in minutes with a few clicks on Luzia’s site. The list of recipients to give Luzia’s gift set to is long, including: work colleagues, extended family, teachers, siblings, friends, and business associates. Beyond the winter holiday gift giving season, Luzia gift sets are the perfect present for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Artisanal Addition of Handmade Soap

Luzia’s handmade soap bars are only available in their gift sets, making them extra special. These all natural soap bars are crafted by hand by master soapmakers. They use the highest quality ingredients that’s gentle on your skin. These all natural soaps are made in the USA and contain no synthetic ingredients that can be harsh on the skin. Rustically wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, they come in a variety of fragrances.

Perfectly Paired Colors & Scents

With seven towel color/soap fragrances combinations to choose from, there’s sure to be the perfect one for every person on your holiday gift list. Like the deliciously scented Grapefruit Margarita paired with either a cozy Latte towel set or crisp white towels. A blend of grapefruit, orange, and lime, Grapefruit Margarita will be a welcome vacation for the senses with its fresh citrus scents. The Lovespell soap, which Luzia pairs with its tropical-looking Coral towels, is a complex blend, with notes of berries, peach, and cream combined with white musk. It's a great choice as a romantic gift.  Other soap scents include the crisp Tea Tree, that’s paired with either Glacier (light ice blue) or Charcoal Grey and the classic Lavender fragrance, complemented by (naturally) Lavender colored towels or Luzia’s classic Navy Blue towel set.  

Whether it’s the winter holiday shopping season, a birthday, or special occasion, Luzia gift sets, packaged beautifully with a full set of super-soft towels and handcrafted fragrant soap, are the obvious choice when looking for a memorable gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

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