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Article: Five Simple Ways to Style Up a Bathroom with Towels

Stacked Towels Colorful

Five Simple Ways to Style Up a Bathroom with Towels

Sure, every bathroom can’t be a statement bathroom. But, you can always throw in unique ideas to make your bathroom aesthetically beautiful and classy. Today, we will be seeing how to do that with the most essential items used in a bathroom; hand and bath towels! You always have a set of extra towels in the bathroom, so use them wisely.

Towels add color, texture and layers to your bathroom. Who doesn’t love a little color in their life? So, let’s get down to seeing how to match towels like a stylist and add character and style to your bathroom.

  1. Layered Towel Rack

This little, traditional trick simply does not go out of fashion. All you need is a cute little towel rack and you are good to go. The trick here is to go for a matte colored one or a white one. Now, fold and hang towels by making layers. Mixing up colors is the key ingredient for adding that oomph factor. Let’s layer up white with glacier green and light grey onto. Experimenting with colors is the key here!

  1. Wall Mount Rings

Add texture and dimension to the bathroom by hanging different colored towels together. Be creative and come up with a vibrant color choice if you have a marble wall.

  1. Stack Them Up

Undoubtedly, towels look just as nice and stylish then stacked up. But, it is of no use stacking them up in a cabinet, is it? Moreover, to save up space, you can always stack your colored towels one on top of the other. We love playing with colors here. It gives an immediate uplift to our mood early in the morning. Oh, how beautiful those soft, absorbent and colorful towels look neatly stacked together.

  1. Double It Up

Don’t have ample spaces to show-off those lovely, colorful towels to everyone? No need to worry. We can work with anything we have. Literally! For people who have a simple, single bar rail and not much space, this idea is going to be a life-saver.

Go ahead and double up your towels. Yes, that’s all! If you have a subtle bathroom, add intensity to it by using colorful towels like navy blue, light grey and latte brown. On the other hand, if you have a loud bath already, tone it down with lavender, white, and other light colors.

  1. Over the Bath Shelf

Want to give your bathroom a luxurious touch? Use a bath tray to display your favorite towels. Moreover, add color and mix 2-3 different colored towels to make the bathroom look like a day in the spa! Apart from looking aesthetically nice, it will be practical also. You can use your towels as a base and put other items on top of it!

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